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What We Do

Getting YOUR Expertise In Front of YOUR Community

At Dental Sleep Profits, we're not just in the business of advancing dental sleep medicine practices; we're pioneering a comprehensive approach to revolutionize the entire spectrum of sleep-related health care. While our primary focus remains on empowering dental sleep medicine practices to excel in providing oral appliance therapy, our vision extends far beyond.

Through cutting-edge marketing programs tailored to specific needs, we're catalyzing growth in multiple disciplines: pediatric sleep disordered breathing, TMJ, palatal expansion, and critical sleep health partners. By seamlessly integrating these specialties, we're creating a holistic ecosystem where every facet of sleep-related health receives the attention and expertise it deserves.

At Dental Sleep Profits, we're not just shaping the future of dental sleep medicine; we're transforming the landscape of sleep health care, one innovative strategy at a time. Join us in the journey towards comprehensive wellness and unparalleled success.

Jumpstart program logo


You Have Delivered Less Than 3 Cases

Have you invested a lot? Attended MANY sleep meetings & courses with no objective progress or ROI? Is the complexity of dental sleep OVERWHELMING? Do you feel left with two options: Keep throwing money at it, or toss in the towel, giving up on sleep altogether?

Utilizing Google Search, Display & Video ads, we place your expertise and authority in front of patients who are actively searching for sleep related services. These patients are higher intent at a volume that won't over-burden an inexperienced sleep staff member.

This is the perfect starting point for sleep dentists just beginning their growth journey!

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​You're Doing Less Than 5 Deliveries Per Month

Have you screened all your dental patients and after delivering a handful of appliances...sleep has come to a hault? Do you fear losing your best team members, overwhelming & stressing them out by asking them to "commit" to sleep when they're already wearing too many hats?

Utilizing geo-targeted social media ads, your knowledge and expertise is displayed to local residents who are having PRIVATE conversations about sleep and breathing. 95% of patients who inquire have had a sleep study and are CPAP intolerant.

This is our flagship program that has produced millions in revenue for our clients!

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​You're Doing Less Than 10 Deliveries Per Month

Is the growth of your sleep practice hindered by the success and volume of your general dentistry practice? Is your sleep practice producing great revenue, but you still dont have the volume needed to be able to hire a full-time sleep rep to build your referral network?

Combining our GROW program with VSAi allows you to take full advantage of a multi-channel approach to strategic accelerated growth.

Financial Data
Transition program logo


​You're Doing Less Than 15 Deliveries Per Month

Does a lack of clarity or experience in making critical business decisions for your sleep practice hinder your ability to go ALL-IN on sleep? Has investing in sleep partnerships resulted in the loss of time and revenue, leading you to question "WHO CAN I TRUST?" 

With 40+ years combined sleep expertise, we COACH your team & BUILD your personal sleep practice transition roadmap. Go further faster with the right team! Avoid the pitfalls that can cripple your financial future. Get personalized curated help from those who've done it; compressing your timeline for financial goals

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Virtual Medical Outreach, MD Referrals Done-For-You

Acting as a third party advocate for positive patient outcomes, Dental Sleep Profits is able to effectively connect sleep dentists with top referring local providers. A DONE-FOR-YOU solutions that creates an ideal collaborative initiative between medical and dental.

You save time, you save money on hiring a full time medical marketing rep, and most of all; you are highlighted as the premier sleep partner that can improve the lives of local patients!

Community Based Medical Outreach program logo


Community Based Medical Outreach

You own the relationships locally and leverage our expertise to amplify your clinical expertise in your market.


We make the connections with strategic local partners and schedule in-person meetings that focus on a collaborative approach to positive patient outcomes. There are UNTAPPED partner resources outside medical providers that can significantly impact your sleep practice. Let us highlight those for you IN-PERSON during this 5 day intensive sprint!

VSAi logo


Virtual Sleep Assistant

2x-5x your website conversions with our conversationally driven AI sleep assistant that’s installed on your website in minutes; capturing critical information from your website visitors and leading them toward scheduling and treatment acceptance!

Save your sleep team hours of critical time and let VSAi collect pertinent and relevant info from your potential patients BEFORE your staff ever speaks to them.

VSAi is your 24/7 sleep team member that never calls in sick and never needs a break.

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Insider Growth Strategies: DSP Members Only

Unfiltered access to the strategies, workflows, mindset and Q&A with the most successful dental sleep providers in the space via weekly and bi-weekly success webinars.

DSP member only discussion boards where you can get the answers you need from those who have ACTUALLY accomplished what you've set out to achieve.

You get this and more for less than you're spending on coffee each month!

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