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I struggled for six months to a year...took another course and still struggled. I am now closing my eighth sleep appliance in just one and a half months. Give Todd and his team a try. You wont regret it!

Dr. Stephanie Manning


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I see the amazing opportunity that treating OSA offers both to my patients and as a business owner. I have not implemented sleep into my dental practice. I need to know how to get started!

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I'm Just Getting Started.


Here Is The System!

I've Tried. I Need Help!

You took all the necessary CE. You integrated sleep into your dental practice. You screened all your patients and building an MD referral network is proving to be an uphill battle. You need a system!


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I'm Established. I Can Do More!

You're closing more than 5 appliances per month, but you want more. You're looking to scale but you need a system that can bring you 20-30 more sleep cases each month with reliability.


Getting Started & Accelerating Your Sleep Practice Growth Has Never Been More Simple!

Done-For-You Systems To Make Success Attainable For You & Your Staff

Jumpstart Your Dental Sleep Practice With 5+ Cases In The Next 90 Days GUARANTEED Or We Pay You $5,000!

Dental Sleep Profits is a "plug & play" program designed exclusively to help Sleep Dentists ACCELERATE their dental sleep medicine practice...

We're looking for 5 sleep practices to accelerate this month. We're so confident in our program, we'll pay you $5,000 if you dont close at least 5 cases in your first 90 days GUARANTEED!

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What Is

Dental Sleep Profits?

Our Dental Sleep Profits program accelerates your Dental Sleep Medicine practice to the next level through our proprietary 5-Pillar formula to help sleep dentists get out from under the thumb of local physicians and start increasing their dental sleep opportunities and profitability at scale.

This turn-key solution will provide you with all the tools, resources, team building, operational & sales training you need to build a strong foundation so you can continue to acquire sleep patients on a perpetual basis and take your sleep practice from an adjunct service to a flourishing practice in and of itself.

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Your DSP Team


Client Specialist

Hazel is your first point of contact for all needs related to your campaign and success. She is also the kick in the butt you and your staff need when you're not performing to your potential.


Operations Manager

Deonna is the person every successful business wishes they had on their team. When your dental sleep campaign requires a microscope, Deonna is your solution...And the result is success!.

Dr York

Key Contributor

Dr Cuffy York has 33 years of experience and has transitioned from general practice to full time sleep doing 15-20 cases per month with the DSP program. 


Key Contributor

Lily is the office manager of Sleep Better MetroWest in Westborough, MA. She has one of the highest call-to-consult conversion rates in the industry and is a wealth of knowledge and value in our community of DSP members.

Todd Warren

Founder & CEO

Todd emerged into dental sleep marketing space after a successful test campaign with a general dentistry client. That sparked a passion for saving lives and relationships. Dental Sleep Profits is the most desired partner in accelerating the growth of dental sleep medicine practices through delivering value direct to consumer,  with the added objective of helping dentists become the prime mover in making oral appliance therapy a first line of treatment for obstructive sleep apnea.

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Our DSP Community

Results That Speak For Themselves

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Here's What You'll Learn

Opportunity Control: Get out from under the thumb of MD's and gain full control of your sleep patient volume.

Leverage: Shift the dynamic so MD's are asking to refer to YOU rather than you begging for a meetings with them!

"5 Levels of Sleep Awareness": How to move patients toward greater awareness to accept treatment.

Demand & Conquer: How to ensure your staff can have success in moving patients forward in the treatment process

Where & How: Where and how to target CPAP intolerant patients who WANT oral appliance therapy!

The Problem: There is a glaring problem that's preventing you from scaling your sleep practice...And it's not your fault.

Its Simple... Jumpstart Your Dental Sleep Practice With 5+ Cases In The Next 90 Days GUARANTEED Or We Pay You $5,000!

For most sleep practice owners; the harsh truth is that each day; the thought of doing more sleep cases get drowned out by the mundane day to day drill and fill, and over time for both you and your staff…Sleep just becomes less and less of a priority, and the result is that you refer out a few patients per month to local MDs without ever getting an update until they come back for their next hygiene appt and you’ve found that their primary care stuck your patient with a CPAP.

You feel kind of helpless to do anything about it, but the reality is…if you don’t have a system that generates you a predictable number of sleep patients every single month who are inquiring WITH YOU (not an MD) specifically about managing OSA…then you'll stay stuck!

But it not all doom and gloom! Click the button to fill out your contact details and get this life-changing training that can help put YOU in control of your sleep patients!

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